Benjamin A. Russell, CCC-A


Ph.D. 2016, Hearing Science, University of South Florida
Au.D. 2010, Audiology, University of South Florida
B.A.  2004, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence, Audiology
NC license, Audiology 


Diagnostic audiology
Hearing disorders
Speech perception with cochlear implants
Emerging hearing aid technologies 


CSD 4364/5364 – Audiology
CSD 4662 – Hearing Management 


Dr. Ben Russell joined the department in 2017 as a Clinical Associate Professor. In addition to providing Audiology services in the Charles E. and Geneva S. Scott Communication Disorders Clinic, he teaches several undergraduate courses and is involved in community outreach through hearing screenings in the public schools.  Dr. Russell’s research has focused on spectral resolution in cochlear implant listeners, including the ability to resolve pitch-based speech cues. 

Recent Publications:

Donaldson, G. S., Rogers, C. L., Cardenas, E. S., Russell, B. A. & Hanna, N. H. (2013). Vowel identification by cochlear implant users: Contributions of static and dynamic spectral cues.  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134 (4), 3021-3028.

Berlin, C. I., Hood, L. J., Morlet, T., Wilensky, D., Li, L., Mattingly, K. R., Taylor-Jeanfreau, J., Keats, B., St. Johns, P., Montomery, E., Shallop, J. K., Russell, B. A., Frisch, S. A. (2010). Multi-site diagnosis and management of 260 patients with Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony (Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder). International Journal of Audiology 49, 30-43. 

Russell, B. A., & Donaldson, G. S. (2010). Pitch-ranking of electric and acoustic stimuli by cochlear implant users with the HiRes and Fidelity120 speech processing strategies. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 9, 050004 

Title: Clinicial Associate Professor, Audiology
Department: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Phone: (828) 262-6071

Fax: (828) 262-3153

Office address
Levine Hall, Room 482