Academic Interest Areas

Academic Interest Area or Minor

Students in the undergraduate CSD program are required to complete an Academic Interest
Area or a Minor. After declaring the CSD major, the student selects an Academic Interest
Area or Minor in consultation with the CSD academic advisor.

An Academic Interest Area consists of 15 hours of coursework in a content area relevant to
CSD. Academic Interest Areas offer the student flexibility in the selection of specific
coursework within the content area (i.e., there are no required courses that must be
completed). Popular content areas include the following:

  • Child development
  • Social Work
  • Public Health
  • Special education
  • Gerontology
  • Psychology
  • Sign Language
  • Spanish

As an alternative to the Academic Interest Area, students may choose to complete a Minor.
Minors typically incorporate 15 to 18 hours of coursework from a single academic discipline.
Students should consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for their catalog year to determine
each minor's specific requirements.